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Holiday in Kamchatka

Our summer tours to Kamchatka include exclusive programs and high level services. We work on the principle of «all included» and even a little more. On our website there are examples of tours that you can always adapt for yourselves. After all, it's up to you if you prefer trekking during which you can see Kamchatka and feel it with your feet.

Or you will want to travel around Kamchatka in an SUV and find out where the roads end and what «garage monsters» are needed for.

Or maybe your holiday in Kamchatka will take place in the format of a helicopter tour or a sea cruise, in which the most hidden places of the peninsula will open up for you.

You can find yourself in the mountainous tundra and hand feed the reindeer, fly to the largest salmon spawning grounds in Asia and watch the bears, go out to the Pacific and see the killer whales and sea lions, or just get in the crater of an active volcano and have lunch there.

And, of course, do not forget to enjoy another heritage of Kamchatka – thermal waters. All the diversity of the pristine nature awaits you in our summer tours around Kamchatka.