Avacha Bay
The second largest bay of the planet Earth

The Avacha Bay is the second largest (after Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro) bay of the planet. Its diameter is 24 km (16 mi), the depth 26 m (85 ft), and the water surface area 215 km2 (134 square miles). One can arrive in or leave the Avacha Bay from / for Pacific Ocean only through 3-km (2 mi) wide gates.

Avacha is the most beautiful bay in the world. It amazes both the guests and locals. «Ever-changing» – this is what people say about it. As if from the surface of the water tower snow-capped volcanoes and «flaming» red and yellow hills fascinate your eyes. The color of the water alters when seasons or weather conditions change. 

The coast of the bay is cut by tortuous and small coves. Several of these coves are occupied by Russian Pacific Fleet. That’s why certain restrictions apply in the bay area. Special permits and coordination of timing are required to enter or to leave the bay.

At the entrance to the Avacha Bay you will be met by its symbol: Tri Brata (three brothers) kekurs, a monument of nature. They protect the harbor from the waves of tsunami. In addition, you will also see another monument of nature: Starichki Island, water reserve. On this small piece of land several species of birds, listed in the Red Data Book of Russia, breed on this small piece of land. If you're lucky, you can see the sea otters, sea lions, dolphins and killer whales.