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Since 2013, the company «The Great Adventure» specializes in organizing corporate projects in Kamchatka, the Commander Islands and the Kuril Islands.

Today we do what others will do only tomorrow!!!

Kamchatka. Corporate Tours

We have the experience of providing services to the group of 120 people.

High level of service. We’ll provide maximum comfort throughout the trip.

Our own camping equipment.

Kamchatka. Helicopter tours (1)

No hidden surcharges. All obligations are listed in the contract, including: hotel class, transfer conditions, food and everything that is subject to qualitative and quantitative evaluation!

Healthy nutrition. Our standards are local cuisine and farm products. You will learn about the flora and fauna of the peninsula in high-speed mode.

Kamchatka. MICE

We provide various forms of corporate recreation.

With us, trips outside of high season will cost you 20% cheaper.

We work with your rider.

Kamchatka. Cruise to the Kuril Islands

We think outside the box. Only an individual approach, taking into account all your wishes and ideas, even super complicated and original ones.

We will help to get to places where the access to non-core tour operators is not available.

We know the specifics and climatic features of the region. Based on such knowledge, we prepare several options of the program.

Kamchatka. Corporate holidays

You can learn more about us and our approach to work in «About the Company» tab.