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FIT (Individual) and VIP holidays
in Kamchatka

Since 2013, the company «The Great Adventure» specializes in organizing corporate projects in Kamchatka, the Commander Islands and the Kuril Islands.

Today we do what others will do only tomorrow!!!

Kamchatka. Photo tours

Your holiday will not be «just any tour». Each program we develop individually, considering carefully all the features, so that you get exactly the emotions that you dreamed about.

We’ll provide the necessary level of privacy.

We will help to get to places where the access to non-core tour operators is not available.

Kamchatka. Helicopter tours to the springs

We think outside the box. Only an individual approach, taking into account all your wishes and ideas, even super complicated and original ones.

We work with your rider.

Kamchatka. Jeep tours

Our team are unique people. People with history and professional experience. During the journey you will hear many interesting stories and gain a lot of useful skills and knowledge.

We create and control the journey from your fees and transfer to the plane to the safe landing at home with luggage of pleasant impressions and memories.

Kamchatka. Individual tours

You can learn more about us and our approach to work in «About the Company» tab.