The annual Sled Dog Race

Beringiya is the traditional Kamchatka Sled Dog Race. Why traditional? It’s because this is the only race in the world that has revived and successfully preserves the traditional national way of life of indigenous peoples.

Beringiya was held for the first time in January 1990 and eight teams participated in the race. The length of the track was 250 km (155 miles). In 1991, the route length was increased by almost 8 times and stretched 1980 km (1230 miles). The same year, the sled dog racing made its way into the Guinness Book of Records: the competition received the status of the longest one in Europe and Asia. It runs through most of the peninsula.

In 2010, Beringiya became an official holiday of Kamchatka Krai.

In Kamchatka, people still use dog sleds. Using them, the locals transport fish and firewood. So dog riding is not simply a tourist attraction, it’s a necessity of everyday life. Kamchatka’s sled dog is the main character of Beringyia. This breed is unique and came to being without breeding efforts from humans.

Beringiya is not simply a sports event. From the very first start this race had turned into a charitable mission. Every year, mushers bring hundreds of kilos of school supplies, books and sports equipment to the northern settlements that are located along the race track.