Kambalnoye Lake
A place where bears live

Kambalnoye Lake is wild and harsh Kamchatka, like it was hundreds of years ago. At that time the peninsula was inhabited only by natives, and there were no benefits of civilization. But there was harmony and human respect for nature, and vice versa. Tourists plunge into a special atmosphere here which is given a certain zest by mists and fogs. Theses mists precisely create a unique coloring to Kambalnoye Lake. Sometimes thick and dense as wool, and other times weightless and translucent like gossamer, these mists are original architects of the amazing landscapes of this corner of the planet.

Water basin, just like Kurile Lake, is located in South Kamchatka Sanctuary. It is situated in the south-west, near the foot of the volcano of the same name - Kambalny (2156 m / 7074 ft). Small lake is surrounded by hills on all sides. Stepping on the intertwining of bear trails, you will feel the primeval force of nature. In this corner of the wilderness, the brown bear is the master. And it will be the main character in your own photos, movies, stories or pictures. It is in these places Canadian naturalist and author Charlie Russell was filled with so much love for these animals that later decided to write his book «Grizzly Seasons: Life with the Brown Bears of Kamchatka». In the book, he talks about his life on the shores of Kambalnoye Lake and how he managed to coexist with these beautiful and dangerous animals.

Now in the lake area, on the banks of the river, there is a tourist cordon. It consists of several blocks. Two of them are living quarters and can accommodate up to 8 people each. There are «single» or «double» rooms. There is a dining room and a kitchen. It is supplied with electricity in the evenings (usually from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM).

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