Kamchatka Rivers
Fishing / Alloys

It makes no sense to tell about all the rivers of Kamchatka right now. There are more than 14 thousand of them. The largest of them are the Kamchatka (758 km / 471 mi), the Penzhin (713 km / 443 mi), the Talovka (458 km / 285 mi), the Vyvenka (395 km / 245 mi), the Enychavayam (311 km / 193 mi), the Okla (304 km / 189 mi), the Tigil (300 km / 186 mi), the Bolshaya (275 km / 171 mi), and the Avachinskaya (122 km / 76 mi) rivers.

The majority of Kamchatka's rivers originate in the foothills of the mountains and glaciers. This explains the purity of their waters. The Kamchatka River, although shorter than others, is twice as high as those of European Russia.

During spawning of fish, rivers and lakes of Kamchatka attract great attention of tourists – fishing fans and Kamchatka brown bears. In Kamchatka waters all species of Pacific salmon spawn: pink salmon, chum salmon, sockeye salmon, coho salmon, chinook; and species of Pacific noble salmon: rainbow trout, Kamchatka salmon; as well as trout, brown trout and Kamchatka grayling.