Reindeer Herds
Natural Park "Volcanoes of Kamchatka" cluster "Bystrinsky"

The indigenous peoples of Kamchatka, despite their fewness, preserve traditional lifestyle. The past few years saw a resurgence of national holidays. This should help indigenous peoples not only to maintain interest in their own history and ethnography, but also retain their skills in traditional crafts.

Visiting the camp of deer herders will leave indelible memories. It’s not only indescribable atmosphere of nomadic life, you will visit the yurt (felt tent on a collapsible framework), talk with the reindeer herders and, of course, try to pet and feed the reindeer. Reindeer herders will not simply tell you about all the intricacies of fishing, but will also let you to take part in the pursuit of the herd. And, of course, the very terrain, beautiful Kamchatka tundra, surrounded by mountain ranges, will only exacerbate the emotions of staying in the camp.