«Bears, deer, killer whales, volcanoes»
VIP tour program

For many of us Kamchatka is a dream. Naturally, once you are here, you will want to see as much as possible. And get filled with a lot of emotions. This tour will present to you the best calling cards of Kamchatka.

You will admire the bear on the Kurile Lake. It is one of the largest spawning grounds of sockeye salmon in the world. Here you can watch the bears, see how they hunt for salmon swimming to spawn. You can also swim in the wild thermal springs. You will also visit the most active zone of Kamchatka – Kliuchevsky park. You will see the slag fields, the results of the strongest eruptions of 1975 and 2012, and, of course, you will ascend the volcano. In addition you will see one of the crafts of indigenous peoples of Kamchatka - reindeer herding. You will get acquainted with the customs and culture of the indigenous peoples of the peninsula. Feed the deer with your hands and talk with the shepherds. And in the end, you’ll go to a sea voyage where you will taste the sea urchin, Kamchatka crab, fresh fish and caviar. And, of course, go fishing, see sea lions (listed in the Red Book of Russia) and make photos of killer whales and other whales.


Attention!!! Below is a brief overview of the VIP tour program for recreation in Kamchatka. For a detailed plan describing the details, you can contact us by emailing to GreatAdventure@mail.ru or leaving an application on this website.


Day 1. Arrival to Kamchatka

Meeting of guests

Representatives of the company «The Great Adventure» will meet you at the gangway of the plane and will take you to a special recreation area. At this time, the company’s employees will receive your luggage. Transfer to the European class mountain-sports base. It is located 70 km (43,5 mi) from the airport, in the resort area «Paratunka».


Resort area «Paratunka» is located in the area of thermal springs. Here you will find: crystal clear air, mountainous terrain, good microclimate and most importantly – curative waters of hot springs. In these pools you can pleasantly relax before breakfast or after a busy day.

You will live in a separate chalet with a private pool. The chalet consists of several bedrooms. Baths and toilets are located on each floor. There is also a common area for recreation. On the territory of the base there are: a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool and a cascade of hot thermal springs, gazebos and barbecue areas, two picturesque observation platforms with a panoramic view of home volcanoes, a helipad, parking and a park area.

Transfer to the base. Acclimatization. Dinner. Bathing in the pool with thermal water.


Day 2. Valley of Geysers and «House of Evens»

Today we will get to one of the five such places in the world – Valley of Geysers, observe the eruption of the active volcano, get acquainted with the culture and customs of the indigenous peoples of Kamchatka.

Breakfast. We check out from the recreation center. We take off on the MI-8P / Eurocopter passenger helicopter.

We watch the erupting volcano

Flight to the north, to the volcanoes Karymsky and Maly Semyachik (about an hour). Flight over the volcanoes. Landing near Lake Karymskoye, to observe the eruption of the Karymsky Volcano*.

We enjoy the world famous Valley of Geysers

A short flight to the Valley of Geysers, and then to the caldera of the Uzon Volcano. The entire route during the trip will be on wooden decks.

After lunch we will make a flight to the «House of Evens» – the village of Esso. This is the traditional place of residence of this people. We will be accommodated in the best hotel in the village of Esso – Paramushir-tour. Naturally, the hotel has a large swimming pool with thermal water. Dinner.

*Landing to observe the eruption is not guaranteed and depends on the stage of the eruption during the arrival of the group.


Day 3. Klyuchevskaya group of volcanoes

What we’ll see today is hard to describe in few words. It is difficult to transfer the energy of these places. This is exactly the case when you need to see and feel everything for yourself.

Walking on the lava field

Our helicopter will go to the natural park «Kluchevskoy», the second name of which is «Land of Fire and Ice». In the park there are 14 volcanoes, almost 400 slag cones and the largest glaciers of Kamchatka. In 1975-76, the largest basaltic eruption of the 20th century occurred in the park, which later became one of the world’s five largest eruptions. Also, in these places Soviet scientists tested «Lunokhod-1» (moon rover) and a Mars rover.

When flying over the park, we will be able to see spectacular scenery. These places look like the Moon, and some other places look like a surface of Mars. In these places, we will certainly make several landings. You, of course, will make up your own opinion. Lunch. Upon arrival, everyone will have dinner and can enjoy a pool with thermal water.


Day 4. Reindeer herds

Today you will see the life of nomads. This is not a tourist village, where artists dance with a tambourine in clean and beautiful clothes. This is the real life of modern indigenous peoples. With all the difficulties and romantic spirit.

We’ll hand feed the reindeer

Check-out from the hotel. After breakfast we’ll fly to see one of the deer herds. The flight should take up to 30 minutes. The herds constantly wander, and about the landing site we will learn only before departure. One thing is clear: it will be the mountain tundra!!! There we will observe the animals in their natural environment. We will feed the reindeer from hands. And talk with real nomads. Lunch.


Flight to the mountain-sports base. Recreation. Bathing in the pool with thermal water. Dinner.


Day 5. Kurile Lake

Today we will visit the largest spawning ground of sockeye salmon in Asia, make a selfie with bears, and swim in a lake located inside an active volcano and swim in the river of volcanic (thermal) water.

We’ll bathe in the lake located in the crater of an active volcano

Breakfast. Transfer to the heliport (10 minutes). Fly on MI-8P helicopter. Transfer to the south of Kamchatka (about an hour) to Ksudach volcano (1079 m / 3540 ft). Landing and descent into the crater. Bathing in the lake.

Selphi with a bear

A short flight to the territory of the South Kamchatka Wildlife Refuge. Landing on the shore of the Kurile Lake. Observation of the bears. The boat trip to the places with greatest population of bears. Lunch.

We bathe in the thermal water river

Flight to the Khodutka River. Bathing in the wild thermal springs. Flight to the heliport. Transfer to the hotel. Dinner. Evening leisure in an informal setting. Bathing in the pool with thermal water.


Day 6. Off-road on the garage «Monster»

Today, we will overcome rivers, mud or lunar terrain on «monsters» designed in garages. They aren’t simply well-prepared SUVs, they are reflection of the character of the owner, born in experiments with welding and in off-road battles.

After breakfast we’ll get in the «monsters» and off we go. The structure of the adventure will be as follows: off-road activity / lunch – return home. The place of travel will be chosen individually, based on your preferences, the time of the year and weather conditions. It will be necessary to decide whether you want a lot of dirt and impassable roads, or you like an easy trip. What should be at the lunch spot: wild hot springs / easy walk to interesting places / climbing the volcano.


Day 7. The Russkaya Bay

Today we’ll walk around the second largest bay of the world, try ourselves in sea fishing, enjoy a sea urchin and crab and observe the sea lions and killer whales.

Departure from the resort area before breakfast. Transfer to the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (90 km / 56 mi). Departure from the port. Breakfast on the yacht. Pancakes with caviar will set the tone of the day.

We’ll catch fish, crab and sea urchin

We will go to the south, to the area of the Russkaya Bay. Along the way, there will be several stops in various interesting places. We will pass along the Avachinskaya Bay. Then we will see natural monuments: «Three Brothers» sea stacks and the island of Starichkov. During the trip the yacht will enter small coves, for sea fishing. The diver will submerse for the «gifts of the Pacific» (sea urchin, crab). Lunch.

We’ll watch the killer whales and sea lions

Stop by the rookery of sea lions. Observing them. Throughout the journey, the captain of the yacht will look out for places of congestion of whales and killer whales. And, as soon as they appear on the horizon, we will immediately follow them to watch.

Return to the hotel

Dinner on the yacht. After arrival at the port, transfer to the hotel. Evening leisure in an informal setting. Bathing in the pool with thermal water.


Day 8. Spare day

This day is needed in case of long bad weather. Since there are many helicopter flights in this program, there is a risk of not flying because of the bad weather. If the weather was good all previous days, then today you can just relax on the base. Or climb the volcano. You can also go on a picnic near volcanoes. It is also possible to organize a helicopter tour, for example, fly around nearby volcanoes for an additional fee.


Day 9. Return home

Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel. Airport transfer. Along the way, we can stop by the fish market and souvenir shops.


Price: from 5 660 € per person

Cost of the tour includes:

Accommodation at the recreation center in «Paratunka» Resort Area (VIP Chalet);

Accommodation in the Esso village;

Meals (breakfast, lunch / snacks, dinner);

Tours / excursions of the program;

Services of a tour guide, an interpreter, divers' and a cook;

Ethnic concert of indigenous people;

Meeting and seeing-off at the airport;

Transfers of the program;

Permits to visit nature reserves;

Invitation letter and visa registration.


Cost of the tour does not include:

Return flight tickets to Kamchatka;

Alcoholic beverages;

Medical insurance;

Extra meals;

Tip the staff.