Khodutinskiye Hot Springs and Ksudach Volcano
Nature Park "Volcanoes of Kamchatka" cluster "South Kamchatka"

Khodutinskiye Hot Springs is a unique geothermal object, located at the foot of Khodutka Volcano. It is the longest thermal watercourse on the peninsula (about one kilomemer long). The three pulsating gryphones run at temperatures between +700 and +900 C (+1580 F – +1940 F). Throughout the year one can take therapeutic baths here.

Ksudach Volcano (1079 m / 3540 ft) is a uniquely magnificent object. Several calderas with depths of up to 600 meters (1968 ft) had formed inside the 18 by 22 meter (59 by 72 ft) truncated cone. These calderas are filled with water. There is a «hot beach» at the waterside. Water temperature of fumaroles reach +70 centigrade (+1580 F). Cataclysmic eruption occurred in 1907. To this day, the volcanologists consider it the most impressive eruption occurring in historic times.