Hot Springs
Water of volcanic origin

Geothermal springs are among the riches of Kamchatka. There are about 150 groups of thermal manifestations here. They all have diverse chemical compositions and healing properties. Most of the sources are located in the eastern ridge. Guests of the peninsula in the first place seek to bathe in hot springs that are available throughout the year. Springs in the vicinity of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky are located in the area of Paratunka River. It is a very popular vacation spot among locals. Also, huge concentrations of springs can be found in Nalychevo, Bystrinsky and South Kamchatka nature parks. You can enjoy the healing water in the wilderness, in the pools with gorgeous views of volcanoes or in comfortable recreational pools of the resting areas.

But one should NOT forget that the water is mineralized and hot, so you need to use it sparingly. It is not recommended to swim after consumption of strong drinks.