Business tourism in Kamchatka
incentive tour program

Attention!!! Below is a brief overview of the incentive tour program for corporate recreation in Kamchatka. For a detailed plan describing the details, you can contact us by emailing to or leaving an application on this website.


Day 1. Arrival to Kamchatka

Meeting of guests

At the airport you will be met by representatives of the company «The Great Adventure». Transfer to the hotel. The hotel is located 40 km (25 mi) from the airport, in «Paratunka» resort area.


Resort area «Paratunka» is located in the area of thermal springs. Here you will find: crystal clear air, mountainous terrain, good microclimate and most importantly – curative waters of hot springs. In these pools you can pleasantly relax before breakfast or after a busy day.

You will be accommodated in a hotel complex with its own park area, in the «Standard» class rooms. The complex has four outdoor swimming pools with thermal waters available only to the guests of the hotel. On the territory of the resort area are also located: a restaurant, a small bar, a conference hall, arbours and barbecue areas, parking.

Ethnic concert on the shore of the largest and deepest ocean of the planet

Lunch. Transfer to the shore of the Pacific Ocean (80 minutes) on a comfortable tourist bus. A buffet table will be waiting for you. This place is famous for its «black beach». It is on these sands that the indigenous peoples of Kamchatka will present their performance. The concert will be held in an interactive form and the viewers will interact with the artists.

Transfer to the hotel. Dinner. Evening leisure in an informal setting. Bathing in the pool with thermal water.


Day 2. Kurile Lake

Today we will visit the largest spawning ground of sockeye salmon in Asia, make a selfie with bears, and swim in a lake located inside an active volcano and swim in the river of volcanic (thermal) water.

We’ll bathe in the lake located in the crater of an active volcano

Breakfast. Transfer to the heliport (10 minutes). Fly on MI-8P helicopter. Transfer to the south of Kamchatka (about an hour) to Ksudach volcano (1079 m / 3540 ft). Landing and descent into the crater. Bathing in the lake.

Selphi with a bear

A short flight to the territory of the South Kamchatka Wildlife Refuge. Landing on the shore of the Kurile Lake. Observation of the bears. The boat trip to the places with greatest population of bears. Lunch.

We bathe in the thermal water river

Flight to the Khodutka River. Bathing in the wild thermal springs. Flight to the heliport. Transfer to the hotel. Dinner. Evening leisure in an informal setting. Bathing in the pool with thermal water.


Day 2 (an alternative option). Valley of geysers and caldera of the Uzon Volcano

If the weather conditions are not favorable in the south of Kamchatka (Kuril Lake), we will fly north.

Then we will get to one of five such places in the world - the Valley of Geysers, we’ll observe the eruption of an active volcano and we’ll swim in the wild hot springs.

Breakfast. Transfer to the heliport (10 min). Departure on MI-8P helicopter.

We watch the erupting volcano

Flight to the north, to the volcanoes Karymsky and Maly Semyachik (about an hour). Flight over the volcanoes. Landing near Lake Karymskoye, to observe the eruption of the Karymsky Volcano*.

We enjoy the world famous Valley of Geysers

A short flight to the Valley of Geysers, and then to the caldera of the Uzon Volcano. The entire route during the trip will be on wooden decks.

Bathing in hot springs

Flight to the natural park «Nalychevo». Lunch. Bathing in the wild thermal springs. Flight to the heliport. Transfer to the hotel. Dinner. Evening leisure in an informal setting. Bathing in the pool with thermal water.

*Landing to observe the eruption is not guaranteed and depends on the stage of the eruption during the arrival of the group.


Day 3. The Russkaya Bay

Today we’ll walk around the second largest bay of the world, try ourselves in sea fishing, enjoy a sea urchin and crab and observe the sea lions and killer whales.

Departure from the resort area before breakfast. Transfer to the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (60 km /  37 mi). Departure from the port. Breakfast on the yacht. Pancakes with caviar will set the tone of the day.

We’ll catch fish, crab and sea urchin

We will go to the south, to the area of the Russkaya Bay. Along the way, there will be several stops in various interesting places. We will pass along the Avachinskaya Bay. Then we will see natural monuments: «Three Brothers» sea stacks and the island of Starichkov. During the trip the yacht will enter small coves, for sea fishing. The diver will submerse for the «gifts of the Pacific» (sea urchin, crab). Lunch.

We’ll watch the killer whales and sea lions

Stop by the rookery of sea lions. Observing them. Throughout the journey, the captain of the yacht will look out for places of congestion of whales and killer whales. And, as soon as they appear on the horizon, we will immediately follow them to watch.

Return to the hotel

Dinner on the yacht. After arrival at the port, transfer to the hotel. Evening leisure in an informal setting. Bathing in the pool with thermal water.


Day 4. Climbing an active volcano

Early departure. The SUVs with wheels from 40 to 51 inches will take us to the foot of the active volcano Mutnovsky (2323 m / 7621 ft). All the time we have to go on a gravel road, volcanic landscape, snow or glaciers. On the way there we’ll see the Gorely Volcano (1845 m / 6053 ft) and Vilyuchinsky volcano (2173 m / 7129 ft). Breakfast will take place in a picturesque area.

We’ll conquer an active volcano

The ascent is not very difficult and is easy even for children. We have to climb the 200-250 meter (656-820 ft) high hill. And we’ll find ourselves inside the volcano. Then you need to walk along the gorge along the glacier for about 1 km (0,6 mi), climb the last 200 meters (656 ft) and that’s it: «Welcome to the crater!» The snack will be awaiting us there. After a walk inside, we'll go back to the SUVs. A five-minute drive to the 80 meter (262 ft) waterfall Opasny (Dangerous). Lunch.

Return to the hotel. Upon arrival, we will have little time to rest before the banquet.


Transfer to a country restaurant. Kamchatka and European cuisine await us. We will be located in a separate area of the restaurant, equipped with karaoke. Late return to the hotel.


Day 5. Return home

Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel. Airport transfer. Along the way, we can stop by the fish market and souvenir shops.


Price: from 1 280 € per person

Cost of the tour includes:

Accommodation at the recreation center in «Paratunka» Resort Area 4* (TWIN);

Meals (breakfast, lunch / snacks, dinner, banquet with alcohol);

Tours / excursions of the program;

Services of a tour guide, an interpreter, divers' and a cook;

Ethnic concert of indigenous people;

Meeting and seeing-off at the airport;

Transfers of the program;

Permits to visit nature reserves;

Invitation letter and visa registration.


Cost of the tour does not include:

Return flight tickets to Kamchatka;

Alcoholic beverages;

Artists at the banquet;

Medical insurance;

Extra meals;

Tip the staff.