Nalychevo Natural Park
Natural Park "Volcanoes of Kamchatka" cluster "Nalychevo"

The park is a UNESCO’s World Natural Heritage Site. There are 12 volcanoes here; four of them are currently active, and there are about 100 outlets of hot and mineral waters. The park is very diverse and includes almost all the manifestations of Kamchatka’s nature. The diversity of flora and fauna, rivers and lakes, hot springs and glaciers, as well as volcanoes create very special and fantastically beautiful world.

Romance of untrodden paths and an abundance of hot and mineral springs are the main attractions for the travelers who come here. The park is really something to see. Once in the Tsentralny (central) Cordon, you can make radial hiking trips to the lakes and springs, observation platforms and volcanoes. But most importantly every evening you can relax in the pools with the true treasure of this park: hot springs, some of which, in their composition, are solitary phenomena.