Russkaya Bay
Rookery of sea lions

Russkaya Bay is a fjord type and located on the southeast coast of the peninsula, south of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The bay is quite deep and narrow. It has large reserves of fresh water, this rescued sailors more than once. «The Great Adventure» conducts one-day and two-day tours of Russkaya Bay. During this time you will enjoy a boat trip, admire the surrounding landscapes, and increase the chances see the wildlife. Our ship will float along the Avacha Bay. Then we will see natural monuments: Tri Brata (three brothers) kekurs and Starichki Island. We’ll spend the night in the bay and meet a marvelous dawn. And, of course, wildlife photography of sea lions, sea otters and killer whales. And also boating, fishing, and gifts from the diver and the Pacific Ocean.